• 1962-1964 completion of education as a Physiotherapist in Munich / Germany, School for Physiotherapy at the University of Munich under Professor Dr. H. von Braunbehrens.
  • 1965 awarded a diploma in physiotherapy followed  by a further  year of  practical work in a Rehabilitation Centre  the Halter Institute, in Wildbad,the Black Forest. The diploma was awarded by the State authority of Bavaria by Dr. Hußlein, Regierungsmedizinaldirektor.
  • 1965  immigration to South Africa.
  • 1965-1968 work in Cape Town at the spinal cord injuries unit, Conradie Hospital, directed by Pat Davies. M.S.C.P. senior physiotherapist.
  • 1968 in Germany, work at a thoracic unit in Munich, at the Hospital Rechts der Isar.
  • 1969 - 1971-  education in PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) by Margaret Knott A.P.T.A. following which I was invited to join her staff at the Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center, Vallejo, California U.S.A.
  • 1971-1973 -Rehabilitation units for spinal cord injuries  in Murnau and Heidelberg/ Germany
  • tutor in PNF at the Heidelberg physiotherapy School University of Heidelberg.
  • 1981 Instructor´s course in PNF under the direction of Sue Adler A.P.T.A. in Bad Ragaz Switzerland. Qualified as an international PNF instructor by the international PNF association IPNFA.
  • 1983 to the present time instructor in PNF courses in Germany, South Korea, Croatia
  • free lance work as a domiciliary physiotherapist
  • Since 1998 development of the Sprinter/ Skater concept
  • The first edition of my book was printed in 2009. Let’s sprint, let’s skate Innovationen im PNF Konzept
  • the 2. edition in 2018 PNF in Lokomotion.
  • Both books are also translated into Korean and an English version will be ready in 2019


From the early 90-s I looked how to have more function in using PNF patterns. Then I tried to put patterns in a unit together like in sports and gait and emphasised the trunk. In the late 90s I worked a lot with scapula and pelvis patterns by doing three dimensional trunk Patterns and the head was well integrated.

With it I could initiate reciprocal Patterns of the whole body which was the start of Sprinter and Skater coordination’s.

Teaching PNF with Sprinter Skater coordinations were recognised like more effective in Germany and in South Korea from 2003.

Thank you to Tae-Yoon Kim PT, PhD. and Moon-Kyu Lee. PT, PhD. a lot of scientific background have been done till now.

PNF is now only a base in my treatment. I use Patterns and Techniques in coordinated structures and call it Coordinative Locomotor training - CLT