Moonkyu Lee, PT, Ph.D., CLT® Instructor

He is a physical therapist, Specific Exercise Specialist, and lecturer in university, Gwangju, Korea. He is also a PhD in neurorehabilitation and neuroscience field, studying mirror neuron system and action observation training. He is instructor of the CLT and PNF in KPNFA. Recently he runs his own practice with a colleague, at which they are training clients who has movement problems with the CLT concept. He and colleagues have been studied the concept and trying to develop the concept of the CLT to make it more useful and effective since they met Britta Dietz, 2003. 

Tae-Yoon Kim, PT, Ph.D., CLT® Instructor

He is a professor in a department of physical therapy in Wonkwang Health University, Korea. His major is physical therapy and he is a PhD in physical education. He has been developing the CLT concept with Britta Dietz for 15 years. He opened the institute of motor developmental since he met Britta. At there he studied and worked with children who had motor deficits. From the experience he could confirm the CLT concept is superior when it comes to motor problems. 

Gordana Poscic, MSc.PT, IPNFA® Advanced Instructor, CLT® Instructor

She is Master of physiotherapy, working in her own physical therapy private practice in Rijeka, Croatia. She has been teaching PNF in courses from 2011 to different countries like Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, and South Korea. In 2014. she heard about different approaches connected with PNF, from S. Korean colleagues and soon after that, she meets Britta Dietz. She started to attend and assist in CLT courses. Working with CLT concept she saw fast and quality results with neurological and orthopedic patients. She would like to spread the CLT concept all around the world, not only by teaching it with a goal of CLT being recognized as one of the most highly effective concepts in rehabilitation, recreational and professional sports training and recovery. Since 2019. she is CLT® Instructor. 

Walter Bodendorf, PT, CLT® Instructor

Physiotherapist since 1991. He worked in Federseeklinik, Bad Buchau, like the head of physiotherapy and now head of works council in Germany. He also teaches in
different schools for physiotherapy. Since 2000 he has been an assistant of Britta Dietz in PNF and CLT courses. For him, CLT is the best way for functional training. It is near to daily life activities, easy to teach and easy to integrate into daily routines. His special interests are an integration of daily life activities into the healing process, a creative combination of passive and active strategy in physiotherapy, and “hands-on” physiotherapy. He is a specialist in physiotherapy on flammable rheumatic diseases.
Since 2019 he is CLT® Instructor.